Rebuild Engines
088462_000115_IM000944_1.JPGSpecializing in rebuilding engines for over 30 years allows us to give our customers a quality product. We can rebuild a complete engine for our customers which is an engine rebuilt from the intake manifold to the oil pan. Or are you interested in only a long block? A long block engine is rebuilt from cylinder heads to engine block (no tin parts included). Or maybe a short block engine which is rebuilt with everything except cylinder heads. We can supply new parts or remanufactured parts when rebuilding the engine. Either way the engines are assembled by knowledgeable employees.

Are you interested in high performance or keeping the engine stock? We are the company for you. Do you want cylinders bored an honed? How about a chrome engine kit? Windy City is the one for you. Feel free to call and speak with someone in the engine department for more information on what we have to offer.

Remember that we offer a warranty on rebuilt engines too! And don't forget to to look in our gallery at past customers cars. These customers are proud owners of our rebuilt heads or rebuilt engines!

440 Chrysler Marine Engine before & after rebuilding process

Chevy engine before & after rebuilding process