Rebuild Cylinder Heads
088463_000016_100_1007_1.JPGFor many many years Windy City Engineering has been rebuilding cylinder heads. If your head needs to be checked for cracks then we can pressure test or magnaflux it. If cracks are present then we can weld it back to normal. If the head needs to be resurfaced we can do that too. If a head is bent we can straighten it and if the seats need to be refaced we are the company that can do it for you. In refacing seats or resurfacing the head we do not use stone grinders, instead we use carbide cutters which ensure accurate valve & gasket seating. Worn valve guides? We replace them with bronze guide liners.

Besides rebuilding your cylinder heads we may be able to exchange your heads for previously rebuilt heads or even supply you with new heads!

088463_000016_100_1005_1.JPGPlease feel free to give us a call with any questions. Our employees are happy to help and ready to get the job done!