Crankshaft Warranty
Read before installing

Full warranty is provided against defective workmanship prior to installation. Original equipment manufacturers tolerances are maintained during rebuilding. This warranty is limited to the replacement of the crankshaft and bearing before installation. NO LABOR IS IMPLIED OR INTENDED. Crankshafts returned for warranty consideration must be returned with bearings in original packaging and reason for return.

It is the responsibilty of the installer to verify that the crankshaft matches the unit being replaced. Special notice should be made of the pulley snout, rear flange, and number of flywheel bolts, pilot shaft hole size and journal size.

Automotive crankshaft kits are not intended for use in marnie applications. If used in Left-Hand-Rotation marine engine, always check rear seal surface for knurled lines which must match angle on unit being replaced.

Crankshafts that have one-piece rear oil seals will not leak if extreme caution is taken not to cover torque flywheel bolts. This is especially important on 1983 and later models.

Camshafts, cam bearings, oil pump, and oil pump backing plates should always be inspected for wear and replaced as necessary to assure oil supply to crankshaft kit.

There is also an installation checks & procedure list that we recommend to be followed. For a full copy please contact us.

Instructions for installing crankshafts and engines are also available from Chilton and Motor Manuals and are available from most jobbers and bookstores.