Certificate Of Warranty
088472_000015_41.jpgBe assured that we are doing the best job that we can to insure that your remanufactured exchange cylinder heads are of the highest quality.

This permits us to offer a 12-month guarantee on our remanufactured cylinder heads with unlimited miles. Should it prove defective we will replace the cylinder head free. Additionally the installation cost is covered for 3-months at $35.00 per hr. X the motor labor flat rate time guide not to exceed the original cost of the cylinder head, providing the original job was performed by a certified mechanic or a licensed shop. No labor will be considered on consumer-installed components.

Customer’s original cylinder heads that are rebuilt by us have a 90-day warranty, should it prove defective in workmanship we will repair or replace the cylinder head. No parts or labor claims are allowed.

In order for our guarantee to apply, the following checks must be made prior to installation of the cylinder heads:
  1. Do not attempt this job unless you are qualified.
  2. Verify that the cylinder head is identical to the original.
  3. Inspect the condition of the unit, especially the threads in the tapped holes. We do not accept claims on defective threads after the cylinder head is installed.
  4. Insure that the engine oil and water galleries are clean.
  5. All torque specs and sequences are followed replace all torque to yield bolts when recommended by the manufacturer.
  6. Please advise of any abnormality prior to installation.
  7. Check all accessories, radiator, water pump, thermostat, sensors, gauges, fuel system, electrical system and timing.
  8. Determine what caused the original head to fail and correct the problem before installing the rebuilt cylinder head, (SOMETHING CAUSED IT TO FAIL
Our guarantee will not cover replacement vehicles and/or tows, oil, antifreeze, filters, gaskets, etc. or improper installation. Defective engine parts or overheating. All heads have a heat tab that, if heat tab is melted, missing, or altered guarantee will become void. Heads run without or lacking oil or with dirt (bearing material) in the oil voids any warranty. The final say on whether or not the damage was done by lack of oil is us. Cam bearing failure is due to lack of oil. Valves must be adjusted after warm-up on most engines and should be checked after about five hundred miles to make sure that the valve clearance is correct after break-in. Valves bent due to shipping are not covered other than the replacement of the valve before the head is installed. Valves bent after installation are not the fault of the reconditioned and will not be covered.

Prior authorization is required before warranty work is begun.

Core Policy

Cracked heads are accepted. All cores must be the same (no substitutes.) All cores must be assembled. No cores accepted if parts are missing. No junkyard or rusty cores accepted.