Remanufactured Cylinder Head Procedure
088477_000010_63.JPGAt Windy City Engineering we are able to do many things for you when it comes to repairing your cylinder head. We specialize in pressure testing, magnafluxing, resurfacing, and welding. When you bring your cylinder head to us, we first determine the problem and from there decide which procedure to use in remanufacturing the head.

In order to inspect an aluminum or cast iron head we perform pressure testing. Pressure testing a cylinder head means to fill the coolant chambers with air under a great amount of pressure. In doing this it determines if there are any internal cracks or if there is leakage throughout the head. While pressure testing a head we are actually replicating the process that a cylinder head goes through while in an engine.

Another procedure that we do on a cylinder head is called magnafluxing. Magnafluxing a head is actually checking for external casting cracks or heat cracks. This is done by magnatizing the head using a fine particle that will show the cracks. The cracks are caused by overheating and/or freezing of the engine. Magnafluxing is only performed on cast iron cylinder heads, while pressure testing can be performed on both types of heads.

We also have the ability to resurface cylinder heads. Another term for this is milling. On our milling machine we bring the cylinder head gasket mating surface back to OEM specs. Overheating of the engine causes the cylinder head to warp, therefore the head then needs to be straightened and/or milled.

In addition to testing the cylinder heads and inspecting them for damage, we can fix the problem that is found. At Windy City Engineering we also do welding. We are able to weld both the aluminum and cast iron cylinder heads that we work on.

Our cylinder head department is experienced and has earned a great reputation in the area. If there is anything we can do for you please feel free to call or stop in. We look forward to doing business with you!