Fire Seal Technology
The oversized bore diameters help keep our combustion seal "Out Of The Fire".

Enginetech's "Fire Seal" technology is made specifically for the engine rebuilder!! Why install a gasket designed to OE bore specs when in most cases you have bored the cylinder to an oversize? With "Fire Seal" technology, Enginetech has taken your concerns and manufactured a gasket with oversize fire ring to not only fit the standard bore but to accomodate the oversize to create a more durable gasket.

The graphite coated gaskets allow greater heat dissipation around "The Combustion Fire".

Enginetech's "Fire Seal" graphite gaskets are your solution to the problems which occur with the bimetal expansion issues. The graphite has natural lubricity to help prevent the scrubbing which occurs with the different expansion rate between aluminum to cast iron. Enginetech's "Fire Seal" graphite gaskets can also withstand higher temperatures and naturally dissipate heat away from the hot spots to reduce thermal stress.

New MLS gaskets are superior in resisting "The Combustion Fire".

Enginetech's "Fire Seal" MLS head gaskets are comprised of three or four layers of steel. The outer layers are an embossed viton coated steel providing a superior seal with excellent rebound characteristics and are corrosive resistant. Enginetech's "Fire Seal" MLS head gaskets reduce bore distortion and withstand extreme cylinder pressures. Combining MLS technology along with the oversized fire ring, "Fire Seal" MLS gaskets have the latest technology to insure proper sealing and longer life.

With everything Enginetech has engineered into our "Fire Seal" technology in order to create a great gasket line for all engine rebuilders, nothing will seal properly unless the job is performed properly.
  • Replacement of head bolt in order to have the proper clamping force is crucial.
  • TTY/A (torque to yield/angle) bolt must never be reused.
  • Non-TTY head bolts will also stretch and weaken through time. Why gamble on the product you put out to your customer?
  • Proper surface finish is mandatory.
  • All MLS gaskets must have a finish of 20-30RA.
  • All composite gaskets must have a finish of 20-50RA.
Here at Windy City Engineering we use Enginetech gaskets and are proud to be an Enginetech distributor. Purchase your gaskets and more from our electronic catalog today!!