Boring Bar
088486_41.jpgThis machine allows us to take advantage of new faster cutting tool speeds and the most modern automatic control in the Rottler FA-AVB Series boring machines. These machines are an absolute must for the most efficient productivity and quality control in cylinder refinishing departments.

  • Push button and preset stop operated vertical travels provide effortless efficiency.
  • Auto return cycle allows one operator to run two machines simultaneously with ease and maximum efficiency.
  • Precision anti-friction spindle bearings reduce heat and power required. Better size control on long runs.
  • Effortlessly adjusted variable spindle speed control with spindle rpm tachometer readout.
  • Quick change over between lines, V6's and V8 blocks, a unique design for fast flexible block handling.
  • Rigid cast iron single piece main frame and spindle base insures lifetime accuracy and precision.
  • A 1-1/2 hp motor and exclusive Rottler vibration dampening design permit high feed rates and .200" or 5mm (on dia.) sleeve cuts.