Berco RTM235 Crankshaft Grinder
088488_000039_100_0954_1.JPGThis Berco RTM225 Crankshaft Grinder is new to our list of equipment. We now have the ability to regrind crankshafts and are looking forward to providing our customers with this service. We have acquired two of these machines that sit side by side and our employees have completed many hours of extensive training on these machines. Our new machines have many features including:

  • Heavy-duty head and tailstock
  • 4-way cross-slide swing heads
  • Quick lock 360 degree heads w/ finger tip adjustment
  • Air float head & tailstock
The RTM225A is ideal for basic crank grinding and comes equipped with a hydraulic wheel dresser.

Here at Windy City Engineering, we are excited about increasing our ability to better serve our customers. Learning this new specialty will allow us to have quality control within our shop while not having to outsource this type of job. If you have any questions as to how we can help you please give us a call.