088490_37.jpgCWT ovens utilize a process where the exhausting port of the burner system causes the air to spin and "whirl" creating turbulence in the oven chamber (Vortex Generation). This swirling, constantly flowing heated air completely encapsulate the casting. This allows for a rapid, stable, and uniform temperature increase in a convection style manner. This can decrease the time required to heat a casting from four hours (with an inferior oven) to only 30-60 minutes with our oven. Our digitally controlled burner systems ensure safe and repeatable thermal performance. Heavy gauge steel construction combined with 2100-degree refractory material ensures years of trouble free efficient service.

VORTEX generated heat is the secret to quickly heating cast materials without causing excessive growth and deformation. Convection heat is by far the best way to heat cast material.

Our uniform heating process not only dries the part thoroughly, but also allows for the fastest recovery of heat when used for weld only applications.