HBS-2100 Series Head And Block Surfacer
088495_32.jpgDesigned and built to industrial machine tool standards. The HBS-2100 Series Surfacer totals 3 tons of precision in a workspace of only 91" x 68" (2311 mm x 1727 mm). This unit requires 6 feet less space than other machines. Yet it is almost twice as heavy for extreme precision and long life.

This is the newest method for accurate surfacing of heads and blocks, incorporating machine tool technology for extreme precision, extra-heavy rigid construction, compact design, ease of operation, and operator safety. It surfaces all types of heads and blocks from standard V-8 to big diesels and can produce any desired surface finish to meet even the most demanding late-model specs.

  • Universal belt-driven cutter plate handles all jobs...aluminum, cast iron or combination
  • Clean grinding dust, no coolant required, no messy clean-up
  • Swivel control panel for operator convenience
  • Cuts through metallic pre-combustion cups...won't jerk or jump, maintains optimum flatness
  • Variable speed spindle assures proper surface finish, extends cutter life
  • Industrial design ball screws control horizontal movement of spindle
  • Rigid, long life ways, vertical and horizontal
  • High production rates
  • Electronic digital readout scale shows exact vertical position of cutter